Active FX

Here’s a short list of Do’s and Don’t’s to help ensure that you’re healthy and at the top of your game before and after your procedure.


  1. Do research your medical provider or injector to ensure that she/he has the necessary training, credentials and expertise to do the procedure.

  2. Book your appointment 2-3 weeks before a big event, not a day or two before.

  3. Anticipate bruising, redness, swelling so you’re not surprised if you have some.

  4. Reschedule your appointment if you have a cold or the flu.

  5. Reschedule your appointment if you have any rashes, cysts, hives, pimples, cold sores around the injection site.

  6. Sleep on your back for a week after the procedure.

  7. Give yourself a good two weeks to see full results.

  8. Be consistent with your follow-up visits and treatments so you’re not starting at square one if/when you decide to have another procedure.

  9. Protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen and a hat.


  1. No alcohol the week before the procedure.

  2. Stop taking any NSAIDs including aspirin, Aleve, Motrin, fish/plant oils a week before the procedure. All of these are blood thinners and will increase any bruising that might occur.

No massages for two weeks post treatment

“Always consult your medical professional to fully understand or if you have any questions about pre and post procedure care.”