microneedlingBenefits for Men Too!

More and  more men see the benefit of looking their best and some feel it gives them a competitive edge in business. Men are looking at popular non-surgical procedures that most women have used for years to enhance and rejuvenate their skin and to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles.

Men who invest in their skincare don’t feel embarrassed because it is becoming more and more common and a topic that men are feeling more comfortable to talk about.  I say it’s about time that skincare and the dangers of sun damage and skin cancer become an open step for men to start feeling social judgement for seeking aesthetic procedures.

Statistics show that men are increasingly seeking nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, to the tune of 10.8 million dollars in 2015 accounting for 10 percent of the entire nonsurgical market. Here are the top five nonsurgical procedures men got last year.

More men are seeking aesthetic treatments and refinements, particularly when it comes to getting rid of sagging skin and the puffiness under the eyes. Board-certified plastic surgeons describes the cosmetic procedures men are getting and why.”