Jessner Peel is a great skin refresher and acne treatment. The peel removes the superficial top layers of skin from a mixture of  14%  of each acid (Salycylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Resorcinol Acid.)  The Jessner Peel is considered a medium peel. The depth of this peel is determined by the number of layers applied during application and the tolerance level of the skin it is applied to.  The acid mixture will unclog pores and  dry out active acne and acne prone skin.  As a result, a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkling and scarring  is an added benefit to your glowing new skin. Get ready for all the compliments about your radiant skin. Check with a professional provider who can access your skin and determine the depth or layers of skin in which the peel will affect. Generally speaking new users begin with 1-3 layers for a light/medium peel. Additionally 4-6 layers will result in a medium/deep peel and 7-8 layers can result in a deep peel. Eliminate hyperpigmentation, sun-damage and rough skin texture and reveal vibrant looking skin!

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